You Should Apologize!

I can’t believe I’m going to do this:  I’m going to defend Donald Trump.

No, I’m not supporting him, nor would I ever consider voting for him.  People that accuse Barrack Obama of acting like a dictator have no clue what a dictator looks like – but I guarantee he would have some awesome Trump-like hair…

I digress.  My defense of Trump lies in this new era we live in.  This post-politically correct world where every statement made is somehow offensive to someone and an apology is not just needed, but demanded.

When Donald Trump took a dig at John McCain’s war service, people across the political spectrum felt he owed McCain an apology.  My question is why?  For what?  Saying what he thinks?  Was it a shitty comment?  You betchya!  But it was how he felt.  Why does he owe McCain an apology — especially if he believes what he says?

Part of Trump’s appeal is in his anti-PC rhetoric.  The fact he says what’s on his mind without seeing where the political wind of public opinion is blowing.  He’s offensive, he’s a blowhard, he’s rude.  That’s his schtick.  Why does he need to utter a worthless apology to anyone, or any group he offends if he is simply stating his opinion on something?

No one demands that the Klu Klax Klan Imperial Wizard Grand Poobaa apologize for his ridiculous views on racial superiority.  Does Trump owe Rosie O’Donnell an apology for the things he said about her?  Does he owe Megan Kelley an apology?  I’ll opine that Trump owes no one an apology for anything he says unless he truly felt it to be over the top and he desires to attempt to take it back.

This “I’m offended” world we live in is amazing assault on the freedom of speech.  There are so many words now on the list that must not be uttered – from the N-word to the R-word, to the F-word.  Granted when I hear them actually said aloud, it makes me look twice at the person saying it – but I’d rather know that that is how they wish to articulate themselves – it helps me determine whether or not I should continue to socialize with them.

If they played by the PC rules, one would never know…

I’ve counseled one of my co-workers for the repeated use of “retard” or “retarded.”  Not because he’s necessarily wrong – he means to be offensive with his characterization.  No, he’s not trying to be offensive to people with special needs – he’s trying to offend semi-smart people that do things in a less than smart way.  If pressed to make an apology, I think his response would be along the lines of:  “Hey, I’m sorry I called you retarded – I didn’t mean to suggest that you were a special needs person (that would be offensive to special needs people) – I was simply trying to say the decision you made was incredibly stupid and ill thought out.”

Now he probably needs to apologize for saying that the person made an incredibly stupid decision.

I’ve explained to him that he cannot use the R-word – not because I disagree with the use — after all, I drive in Washington DC rush hours 10 times a week.  I explain that if I cannot use the word, neither can he.  After all, I’ve been cowered by the PC police to no longer use specific words as well.

We’ve entered a twilight zone in America where college professors must let the young adults pursuing higher education know in advance if something might upset them.  We have to have “safe rooms” where, once emotionally disturbed, these adults can go rock themselves in to an emotional coma.

Social Justice Warriors – the epitome of the intolerant left – have been driving this train.  An interesting article in The Atlantic this week described the college comedy circuit and how comedians are changing their acts in order to offend no one — or at least as few as possible.

I guess in the end, people have every right to be offended by the opinions of others.  But in a country why free speech is a pinnacle of our identity, stifling speech – or demanding one apologize for their opinions uttered aloud or on the Twitter – strikes me as amazingly Orwellian.

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