Poor Ray Rice

Poor Ray Rice – can he get a second chance?

I mean, this is America – the land of the second act.  Michael Vick can kill dogs willy nilly, and while vilified, he got a second act.  Granted, most of us will always remember him as a dog killer – but at least he had the opportunity to pay his debt to society (i.e., got to spend some time in the pen), but he was able to come back, make amends, and return to the sport that allows him to earn an income.

Ray?  Don’t see it happening.  He will not have the opportunity to make contrition.  Though suspended by the NFL for the year, let’s face it, he was already on the downward side of his career.  A year away from the sport, and the thunderstorm of wife slamming over his head, he will never have the opportunity for the second act.

There is nothing he can do from this point forward that allows him to contrit – to rehabilitate his image in the public eye.  Let’s face it, he’s done.  He will never play another down of football.

If he was a year or two younger, maybe, just maybe, he might have that opportunity to carry a football following this debacle.  Every yard he successfully gained might have gone a ways, at least in the minds of some, to rehabilitate the reputation he squandered in an Atlantic City elevator.  We are, as a people, always looking for the opportunity to forgive – but for our forgiveness, we expect something in return.  Touchdowns?  Performance?  Absolutely! Can’t hurt!

But Ray will probably never gain another NFL yard – let alone another NFL touchdown.  We will never have the opportunity to forgive – we’ll never celebrate his potential future successes.  If he ever has any, they will be played out on a smaller stage, none of us will ever see, thus he will always be remembered as a monster – for a 10 second moment of his life.

No excuse for those 10 seconds – they’re inexcusable.  But even hard core criminals and murderers have opportunities for second acts – but I don’t see how Ray will ever get that opportunity.

Maybe he doesn’t deserve it.  But his chance to have an opportunity to redeem himself, making amends, will probably never happen…  He will forever be seen as a wife beater – a scourge – with zero hope to reclaim a second a chance….

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One Response to Poor Ray Rice

  1. Linda Newsom says:

    His contrition and redemption will be played out on the private stage. Let’s hope he makes it, not for our forgiveness but for his own growth as a good man. For some of us, he was never going to be remembered anyway, don’t watch football, couldn’t tell you the name of any Raven player other than Flacco. May he find a path that is good for him and his family.

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