Mob Rules?

Has anyone perused the White House’s “We the People” website?  It reminds me why we do not have (nor should we want to have) a true democracy.

Many of these “petitions” can only be viewed as comical.  The website should add a disclaimer that the ideas put forth by “average” Americans should be considered as “for entertainment purposes only.”

we the people

Let’s consider a few of the more “popular” ideas being put forth.

“Legally recognize the Westboro Baptist Church as a hate group.”

I think we can all (or at least most) agree that the theology practiced by the Phelps’ immediate family and friends is abhorrent.  They believe in a hateful and vengeful god – but then again, so do many more “mainstream” Christians.  As uncomfortable as WBC makes us, especially when picketing funerals, labeling them a “hate group” causes more harm than good.  If the intent behind the petition is to squelch WBC because of the positions they take, then the nearly 300,000 Americans that signed this petition do not understand the value of free speech.

The same applies to the nearly 100,000 people calling for the deportation of Piers Morgan!  A talking head on CNN “attacks” the 2nd Amendment (I’ll assume with words and not an Uzi), so we should deport him for speaking his conscience?  This is vulgar!

Actually it is mobile vulgus – Latin for the “fickle crowd.”

Our Republican form of government, representative but not democratic, represents one of the greatest gifts our Founding Fathers bestowed upon us.  While our current batch of representatives wouldn’t be worth a bucket of Founding Father spittle, operating within the construct of our government, they are unable to act on any petition, worthy or unworthy.  Heck, these clowns cannot even get the basics of governance down! (See Fiscal Cliff…)

But there are Americans out there that think it’s worth a try.  To float an idea and see how many people will join them and possibly receive a response from the president as to why their excellent idea cannot be implemented at this time.

These petitions seem to coalesce around themes – be it secession from the United States, banning this, legalizing that – for the most part, it all appears agenda/biased based.

I’m thankful for living in a country where the tyranny of the majority is kept at bay, if not by pure incompetence, at least by the framework of government we enjoy.

There are actually many ideas, worthy of consideration, debate, and merit on the We The People website.  Unfortunately, it appears the primary reason the site exists is to allow people to vent – and we do love to vent – without actually addressing any of the issues.

Were we to be serious about the results of these petitions, then Texas would no longer be part of the United States.  I know many people are frustrated by divisiveness of politics today, but if anyone thinks the “answer” to the problem is secession – what are you waiting for?  Don’t let the door hit you in the ass – get the heck out of dodge!  You are clearly showing your stripes – you are not a real American.  Matt H., the creator of the petition, and the 100,000 plus people that joined in to sign, should be deported long before some Brit on CNN should be.

Both of these issues boil down to one and the same – expression of free speech!  One view supports treason and sedition, while another is critical of a law encoded in the constitution.  Which is worse?  I’d rather have a debate on the merits of gun laws than know there are hundreds of thousands of traitors lurking in my country.

Personally, I feel the WBC is appalling display of religion gone awry.  However, they are literally made up of a few handfuls of zealots.  Their message would be laughable if you knew they were alone in their bigoted views.  Sadly, they simply have the courage to express, to the extreme, what many people feel in their hearts but have better manners than to actually say.  But if free speech is worth protecting, then I’m against any attempt to limit or hinder that expression – even for the traitors that would like nothing more than to have their states leave our country.

Now, repealing that tax exempt status the WBC enjoys – we shouldn’t just stop there! There are a thousands of churches, or theoPACS, that deserve to have their tax exempt status revoked for taking political positions – a direct violation of the code that allows them to enjoy evading paying $71 billion a year in taxes!

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One Response to Mob Rules?

  1. Karen H. says:

    It tickles me no end that people want to deport Piers Morgan for exercising his 1st Amendment rights against the 2nd Amendment.

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