Be Historic

A week from today the country will choose who will be our president for the next four years.

But four states: Maryland, Washington, Connecticut, and Maine have the opportunity to do something unprecedented — one or all can be the first state in the country to endorse same sex marriage by a popular vote.  Can you imagine being in a position where a simple right to pursue happiness and love came down to a popular vote by complete strangers?
So here’s the deal, I’m finally going to say what I’ve felt inside all along.

If you vote against marriage equality (or would if you could), I’m assuming that your opposition is driven by nothing more than your religious beliefs.  You somehow see that allowing two people of the same sex the right to be married is against your god’s will; therefore, voting against any such measure is, in some way, making your god happy.
Got it – don’t agree with it, but I understand the position.

So here’s mine:  If you feel compelled to oppose marriage equality based on religious principles, I see you as nothing more than a Westboro Baptist Church member.  Might as well get a sign and go picket a funeral somewhere.
Wait – not fair? 

I don’t think so – the only thing you’re missing at the moment is a sign.  All the other stuff is already in your heart and head, you’re just not ready to admit it openly.  You can say love the sinner, hate the sin all you’d like – we all know what it comes down to – “god hates fags.”  You’re just doing your part to be on the right side of god.
But that’s not how you feel?  That’s not you?  That’s OK too – just as you can’t help your opposition to equal rights, I can’t help but not see you in that light.  If the Westboro crowd is disgusting to you – just imagine how disgusting they are to me!  And that’s the prism I have to see you through as well.
I’m sure the Phelps are nice people, and love their families and friends as well as the next person – just as I’m sure you do.  I can’t help it if every time I see you, knowing your opposition to marriage equality, in my mind’s eye you have a sign in front of you.  Just as your opposition is not your fault, my perception of you is not mine either…

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2 Responses to Be Historic

  1. Darryl Lansey says:

    Hey Sean,
    I concur!! I hope all is well with you and your family. I am often amazed how hateful people can be in the name of God or Jesus. When Jesus was asked by the Pharises what were the two greatest commandments, he said: To love thy neighbor as yourself and to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Jesus walked with the “sinners” and called the priest hypocrites. I am tired that many Christians are bullying and using my religion to spew their bigotry upon the world. I am glad you took a stand!

    Take care my friend and colleague, Darryl

  2. seanasbury says:

    Darryl – Thanks so much for the comment! :). It’s so great to hear from you! It’s been far to long!

    This issue vexes me! So many Christians, although not quite the majority, see marriage equality as a right and not an issue that a loving and caring god would be against. On the opposing side, a majority, but shrinking number, of Christians (and Muslims I should add) see same sex marriage as against the will of god – enough to blame hurricanes on his wrath for tolerating wickedness. I cannot square the circle on this – it’s as though there are two opposing gods people are following and they think its the same one…

    For me, I cannot see a difference between same sex marriage and interracial marriage – all the same stupid arguments made against interracial marriage in the 50’s and 60’s have been recycled – signs updated – to oppose same sex marriage. It was as absurd then as it is now…

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