More stupidity from Pat Robertson

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Monday reviewed the case of a shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin that left at least seven dead and came to the conclusion that places of worship were being attacked because “people who are atheists, they hate God.”

Robertson opened Monday’s 700 Club broadcast with the news that there had been a mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek.

“What is it?” the TV preacher wondered. “Is it satanic? Is it some spiritual thing, people who are atheists, they hate God, they hate the expression of God? And they are angry with the world, angry with themselves, angry with society and they take it out on innocent people who are worshiping God.”

“And whether it’s a Sikh temple or a Baptist church or a Catholic church or a Muslim mosque, whatever it is, I just abhor this kind of violence, and it’s the the kind of thing that we should do something about,” he added. “But what do you do? Well, you talk about the love of God and hope it has some impact.” Link

Hyperbole much Pat?

Sweet Mary and Joseph!  This is about the equivalent of saying Christians are responsible for the killing of innocent men and women at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin – after all, the killer, Wade Michael Page, was a white supremacist!  Neo-Nazi, Skinhead, Aryan Nation groups, along with the Klu Klux Klan are well documented hate groups that espouse a brand of Christianity that is not mainstream.

But to hear some Christian fringe groups tell it, these killers are indeed weapons of god!

From the HuffingtonPost

Why else would Fred Phelps and his small band of narrow-minded haters be thanking their god for killing innocents?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not stupid enough to blame Christians or Christianity for this or other senseless acts of violence; however, I am smart enough to know that every time Pat Robertson opens his mouth the potential to incite another unhinged person with a rifle interested in doing god’s work increases.

All I can say is that I’m thankful atheists don’t congregate – it might make for a ripe target for the next whack job influenced by Pat Robertson/Fred Phelps.

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