Real Brain Droppings

So this is a perfect example of why I re-named my blog “Brain Droppings.”

Woke up late this morning. Set two separate alarms for 4:20 and Ellen wakes me up at 4:55!

Rush to the airport – get on United flight 0365 to Chicago. Everything turns out just fine. Park the car in the daily garage, immediately board the shuttle, after a brief scuffle with TSA, I’m in the terminal, coffee in hand, and on the plane by 6:45.

That’s not the story!

Guy sitting next to me is bound for ‘Nam! That’s right! Vietnam! He’s speaking at a conference in Hanoi in 2 days. (or maybe not thanks to United).

He’s speaking for an economist’s perspective on the effects of global warming on agriculture.

Of course, me, being who I am, responded that global warming is a myth! Now such thing!

And me being me, I’m winking as I tell him this, so he understands I’m not really insane.

I tell him we need to reframe the conversation – its not as much about “what” causes global warming as it is “what” we are doing to adapt to it.

You would almost have to be as stupid as Sarah Palin to caustically dismiss the fact that the temperature is warming. Truth be told, whether we (humans) contribute to the cause is not the issue (we do by the way) – the issue is how do we adapt to the change?

He’s been to Hanoi several times over the last decade. My last trip to Hanoi (my only trip in fact) was over 17 years ago. Then, believe it or not, Hanoi was still digging out from the rubble of the Vietnam war – that had ended 20 years before! Now, there are skyscrapers – the Vietnamese economy is booming!

I’ve often said I’d go back to Vietnam at the drop of a hat! It is a beautiful country!

So I’m listening to him talk, feeling slightly jealous that our destinations are so incredibly different! I’m bound for Omaha, Nebraska while he is transiting Tokyo to Hanoi, then on to Bangladesh!

Thankfully, I’ve had the opportunities in my life to visit these faraway and exotic lands.

I only hope that I the future (at least in my lifetime) they do not change dramatically for global warming so that when I get the opportunity to see them again I can still recognize the beauty of their country and culture I experienced as a younger man 🙂

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