Colorado Burning

With fire comes the inevitable calls for prayer.

This is when it is the hardest being an atheist.  Numerous friends posting pleas for people to call upon a deity to send rain and extinguish the flames.  Unable to shake the feeling of callousness…Wanting to, and not wanting to, explain that no amount of prayer is going to resolve this situation one way or the other.

When the fires finally abate, the relief the danger has passed will lead to thanking god for his benevolence.  I wonder how many people who’ve lost their homes to the flames will join in this thanks?


As a nonbeliever, I have to take the following views.

  1. If god is real, and you believe prayer is the answer to this problem – why bother sending in firefighters to attempt to contain the flames?  Would god view this “human assistance” with contempt?  If only you believed in me a little more, “I got this!”
  2. Is it possible that this is part of god’s master plan?  If so, are prayers being said to ask god to do something counter to his grand design?
  3. Is the idea that god may be taking a nap, or his attention might be currently directed to another part of this insanely large universe; therefore, massive collective prayer will get his attention?
  4. Is fire god’s punishment for something Coloradoans have done wrong?  Maybe this is payback for dealing Tebow to the Jets?  Just saying…

I understand the emotional desire for prayer.  It provides a sense of comfort that allows a person to feel as though they are doing something to alleviate a bad situation.  So say a prayer if you’re looking for inner comfort, but if you’re looking to actually help, consider actually doing something!  Here’s a link that you can start with.


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2 Responses to Colorado Burning

  1. Jeannie says:

    Generally, I’ll comment that “in my thoughts & prayers”, generally meaning sending all good vibes their way as a means to hopefully help them find peace in the midst of chaos. I think it makes many people feel better to know they’re being thought of in their time of need and not necessarily that the imaginary man in the clouds will intervene on thier behalf given enough pleading. Though I know there are a lot still that really believe that intervention will come from above.

  2. Diva says:

    It’s payback for drafting Tebow in the first place. Duh.

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