Original Sin?

OK, I know many Christians that are not Bible literalists – they see the Bible as the God’s interpreted word, filled with allegories, inspired stories, all intended to help guide Christians closer to their God.

But there are those out there — many in fact — that believe the Bible is God’s word and that every single thing in the Bible happened exactly as it appears in the book.


Gallup Poll — July 2011

I was reading Genesis the other night, for the hundredth or so time, and I couldn’t help but wonder how anyone can read that text literally.  Aesop himself would have found it silly!

I know, Genesis has been deconstructed a million times – and all the weird inconsistencies contained throughout have been exposed a similar number of times.  Questions I always had, even when I was a Christian included:

  • Why did God have to mark Cain after killing Abel so that others would not harm him?  Weren’t the only others around his mom and dad? This gets explained by apologists all the time that god simultaneously created other humans – which would make sense, except that’s NOT IN THE BIBLE!
  • It’s widely assumed that Satan took the form of a serpent to tempt Eve to eat the apple (again – apple never appears in the Bible); that’s extrapolating, but it would make sense because how many serpents actually speak?  BUT IT DOESN’T SAY THAT IN THE BIBLE!
  • If murder is a capital offense, and one of the, much later commandments, why didn’t God smote Cain for murdering his brother?
  • Who did Cain have sex with to start his own people?  Mom was the only one around…

Getting past Eden and moving on…

  • In a relatively short period of time, there are tons of people milling about and god finds his creation extremely wicked and doing ungodly things — so he floods the earth killing everything except Noah, his three sons, and their wives.  Now the world needs repopulating again!  Was Noah part of Cain’s line?  wasn’t he (and his line) marked for protection?  This mark of Cain justified centuries of racism and slavery…my heads hurting…
  • From here, Noah and scion get down to the business of repopulating — and sure enough, the world is full again in no time.  Now people decide the best way to get to god is to build a tower. God gets a bit freaked out – kind of like people do when undesirables try to get into a gated community – so me waves his magic wand and everyone now speaks a new language – distracting them from their tower building.  If God hadn’t intervened, would they have made it to heaven? Did he relocate it after the fact – load up the truck and giddy-up Clampett style?
  • Oh, back to Noah — so the physical properties of a rainbow never existed until after flood?

I could go on, but you get the point.

Bible literalists are often referred to as Young Earth Creationists (YEC). I know a few – they are friends AND well-educated people, yet they believe humans hung out with dinosaurs (Flintstones anyone?), reject the notion of evolution (seeing it as a satanic myth), and believe that carbon dating is unreliable.  I asked one friend who brought up the unreliability of carbon dating if he could then explain how light from distant stars takes millions of years for us to see it.  Apparently YECs have been busy trying to figure this problem out.

Creationism is big nowadays!  And profitable! Which makes it worth pursuing in America.  Wherever there is a buck to be made, you will always find some snake oil salesman there to capitalize on it.  If you can throw in a little good time religion on top of that – especially when you’re able to tap into people’s prejudices – you can make a mint — like these guys!


Oh yeah, back to my title!  Original sin — so if you don’t buy into creationism, but still believe the bible to be inspired by god, if you don’t believe the Adam and Eve story as literal – then why did Jesus have to die?  What was his sacrifice for?

If the “original sin” was that bitch Eve biting the apple, ruining it for every human being after her – but she was a fairy tale – what exactly was the original sin that we are all guilty of?  Why was a sacrifice required in the first place?

Does this video make sense?????

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2 Responses to Original Sin?

  1. Steve says:

    I liked the video. I was inspired to be a stronger Christian. And an even stronger teacher to my children.

  2. seanasbury says:

    Steve – Not a surprise, however, I’d hope your children are intelligent enough to learn their own truths instead of being told what to believe and how to believe…

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