Up and Running

I had to go through a bit of a grieving process at the retirement of Hold The Center.

It had been my outlet for over 30 months.  I often referred to HTC as my therapist – it allowed my to maintain my sanity in an increasingly insane environment.

There were valid reasons I needed to let it go – first and foremost, I found the title mocking me each time I sat down to write.  What “center” was I trying to hold?  We no longer have a center in America-divided.  But almost as importantly, HTC began as a political commentary blog.  My initial forays into writing on religion and atheism felt a bit off topic, but it was easily reconciled since religion has become such a force in political discourse.

The articles that were out of place included an ode to my father and a look at football from a different perspective.  These articles had nothing to do with politics or religion, and I realized that HTC, by virtue of my self-imposed focus statement, was stifling my ability to write on topics that I wanted to explore.

Brain droppings may not be that catchiest of titles, but it is in keeping with two brilliant people.  George Carlin’s first book was published under this title as well as a fantastic speech by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson.  Most importantly, it provides me the freedom to write on any topic that needs to come out of my brain.  The secondary title serves a purpose as well:  “Sometimes you just have to let go so you can move forward…” Giving voice to these ideas allows me to move forward – again, this is therapeutic (possibly cathartic?) for me.

I don’t have a theme or an agenda – whatever I find interesting or have an opinion on is fair game – we’ll see where this takes me. 🙂

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One Response to Up and Running

  1. Linda says:

    Looking forward to it!

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