Which God Is It?

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to devote a whole other article to the subject of marriage equality, but as I began writing a comment to my previous article, I realized it needed space of its own.

Can anyone reading this offer a cogent argument against marriage equality that does not require a religious connotation?  It seems to me that the only effective argument provided is “God doesn’t want it…” 

On the flip side, I’d venture to say that the majority of my Christian friends and family are pro-marriage equality – what does that say to opponents about their relationship or understanding of god?  Are they not valid Christians? 

The day after President Obama’s pressured revelation (or evolution) that he personally supports marriage equality, the Washington Post went looking for reaction among DC residents

One African American gentlemen firmly stated he would now vote for Mitt Romney instead of the President:
“I’m sorry, I was tickled and proud to see a black president, but I can’t vote for a man who goes against God,” said McMillan, 66, who lives in the Logan Circle area of Northwest. “I don’t believe in skin color more than I believe in God’s word. This president must be part atheist or something.”

“This president must be part atheist or something!”

Awesome!  Not that I believe it – but HE DOES! 

Extrapolating the logic, that must mean that my Christian friends and family that support marriage equality must also be part atheist too! (this explains so much!)

Or, could it be, that the wide divergence of understanding among humans of “god’s will” is simply a reflection of pouring our hopes, beliefs, projections, and prejudices upon god?

The best understanding I’ve heard for god is: “God is Love.”  God is Love does not require dogmatic rituals or rules that sinners must adhere to lest face the fiery pit.  God is Love doesn’t necessarily have to apply to Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah, or some other magical textbook.  God is Love is a pretty basic belief and it fits pretty nicely with that whole Golden Rule thing – you know the one:  Treat people like you want to be treated (paraphrasing).

But that is not the god I hear about from evangelicals or the Pope (ever hear of an evangelical Catholic?).  That god is just a pissed off rule setter that gets seriously upset whenever one his minions steps out of line  (even though he gave them free will to do so).  Weird.  There’s a heck of a dichotomy going there among Christians.  The God is Love faction claims the God is Pissed side does not represent their beliefs while the God is Pissed side piously believes that everyone that doesn’t see it their way has been duped (probably by godless atheists and secular humanists) and is going to hell.

If there is a god, I’m hoping for the God is Love guy – that one seems like a decent chap!  If the God is Pissed overlord is real…well, I guess I’ll be seeing the cool kids in hell…
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2 Responses to Which God Is It?

  1. Grundy says:

    Obama might be "part atheist," one can hope at least, but he would never say so. Pro-gay marriage is one thing, but atheist? That is unfortunately political suicide.For now at least. The times they are a changing.

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