Celebrating Easter on Facebook

Nothing highlights diversity better than checking out your Facebook newsfeed on a religious holiday – like Easter for example. That is, assuming you have a diverse group of friends.
I’ve been “blessed” to have a wide variety of friends on Facebook.  They range from ultra-conservative to damn near socialist.  From people that are pastors or church leaders to extremely vocal atheists.  So it should come as no surprise to me that my newsfeed this weekend includes a plethora of postings that range the gambit. Not sure what your newsfeed looks like, so I’ll just post some of the highlights:
Now, it should come as no surprise to anyone that reads my blog that I’m not a religious guy, but I was literally born and raised in the church; so I have a fairly decent understanding of the meaning of Easter (and Christmas for that matter) to Christians.  Just because I don’t buy into the dogma and biblical story, doesn’t mean I want to belittle the faith or beliefs of others.  I always say – just because you “believe” something does not make it “true.”  This doesn’t just apply to people of faith – but to those of us without faith as well.  I don’t pretend to have the answers.  My lack of belief is based solely on a position that the evidence thus far presented does not correspond to the world around me.
I could call the bible a fairy tale – Aesopian in the sense that it tries to provide life lessons for adherents – however, calling the bible a fairy tale will always be interpreted as rude or mocking to believers – so I try not do so, since I don’t like offending people.  See above – just because I “believe” it to be so, doesn’t make it “true.”  I try to play by the same rules…
It’s against this backdrop, that I’m careful with what I “like” on Facebook.  Based on what I see, if I “like” Einstein presiding over the Last Supper, I can expect several friends to tell me that I’m being callous to their beliefs.  God forbid (yes, it’s a pun) that I touch the Zombie Jesus postings in any way lest they show up in friends newsfeeds with my name attached to it.  I’ve already lost more friends than I count based on the fact that I’m an atheist; however, I’ve also gained more friends than I can count for the same reason. 
My religious friends and family members that at least “tolerate” my views and remain my friends are dear to me, so dear that I have no desire to post things that they would find offensive – at least on their holiest of days… That doesn’t mean I won’t “like” something on the other 363 days a year that will sit wrong with them – but I figure they can do what I do when they post about Jesus, move to the next story in the newsfeed…
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