Apparently There’s a War on Christmas!

It’s not the traditional legal challenge to nativity scenes at the local courthouse – not this year.

This season, it’s offensive to people to wish other Happy Holidays.  Apparently some people want their Merry Christmas back and they just don’t care about any of the other traditions founded upon December-pagan rituals.  Happy Hanukkah (Chanukah) – screw that, most people can’t spell it any way.  Kwanza – another made up anti-Christmas celebration – like Festivus for screwed in the head-atheists.  Nope, it’s either Merry Christmas or piss off – screw your “Happy Holidays!”

Here’s a fun conversation for your reading pleasure:

It’s so bad we couldn’t just fight each other with good old ideas like these:

Countered with a religious billboard:

But it is possible some atheists have taken the War on Christmas to new heights.  In a bedroom suburb of Washington DC, some godless heathens decided to put up a display mocking Christmas!

Come on!  A skeleton Santa?  Now that’s pretty blasphemous!  And in poor taste I gotta add.  Just because you don’t believe in fairy tales doesn’t mean you have to mock beliefs.  [I’ll probably be told I’m mocking beliefs because I just referred to them as “fairy tales…”]  The War on Christmas is probably headed my way any moment…

It’s not clear who started the pushing and shoving first.  While I’m not for mocking religion, something has to give…But signs like this don’t help…

Oh well, maybe I can offer an olive branch and wish my Christian friends a very Merry Christmas while to the rest of us on the express train to hell a Very Warm Happy Holiday 🙂

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3 Responses to Apparently There’s a War on Christmas!

  1. Steve Benson says:

    I think you are softening your views Sean. Thank you. I appriciate that. Nicely written and fun signs and photos also. I liked the facebook shots and all the discourse in it. Happy Season to enjoy the family and the riches of this time of year. Steve Benson

  2. Anonymous says:

    I thought my post more funny than serious, until a couple Libs got all offended. See some people DO think there is a constitutional right to NOT be offended.Frank

  3. Anonymous says:

    Un-friending me is an Olive branch?Frank

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