Atheists for Tebow!

The Denver Broncos are trying my patience!
When the season began, coming off one of the worst seasons in Broncos history at 4-12, I figured a successful season would be around the .500 mark; then along came Timmy Tebow – God’s very own quarterback!
All I can say is this guy makes it tough on us atheist fans!  Week in and week out, you can’t help but wonder if the almighty isn’t listening to the prayers of Broncos Nation and working his will through his very own #15.  
Even my wife turned to me yesterday as the Broncos mounted yet another ridiculous comeback defeating the Chicago Bears in overtime and said that if the Broncos win the Superbowl she’s going back to Christianity!
I admit – I was having similar, though unspoken, thoughts!  Especially when you’re in the moment, reveling in a simply amazing comeback – which seems to be the trademark of the Bronco’s season this year with Timmy T at the helm.
Of course, when the euphoria dies down and rationality sets back in, you have to assess the facts.  What is more believable – an omnipotent god-like being is monitoring American football (because he/she/it is a fan) and has taken to a kid that likes to pray to it after every touchdown (over every other NFL player that likes to offer thanks to the same being after a big play); or, the Broncos just happen to be winning close games against fairly mediocre teams?  Rationally, I’m opting for the latter explanation.  
I mean, think about it – who wants a god that is distracted with football on Sunday?  Especially when, on average, 20,000 people in the world die during a three hour football game.  Seems like god should have better priorities than worrying about making sure my Broncos are making the playoffs.  On top of that – if god’s a Bronco fan, where the heck has it been since Superbowl XXXIII?
Hmmm, so maybe God isn’t a Broncos fan per se – just a Tebow fan?  That makes a little more sense – at least with regard to the Broncos recent spate of success.  I still question a deity that takes the time to favor professional athletes over the rest of humanity – but the Thinking Tebow pose is catchy.  
Some people wonder how I can like Tebow, being the godless heathen that I am.  The answer is very simple – he’s winning my team football games!  And in America, the NFL is the largest organized national religion of the American people!  Stadiums, living rooms, and sports bars are the Sunday service of most Americans – religious or not.
As long Tebow believes god is on his side and won’t let him lose – I’m all in!  Believe away Timmy!  You rock!  I give him this – he has a compelling story, and he’s a proven competitor and winner at every level.  I want nothing more than to see him succeed – as long as he’s in Orange and Blue!  Go to another team Timmy and I hope you break a leg — I joke! I joke! Kinda…
I have no special disdain for TT because of his Christian faith or that he expresses himself about it every time he opens his mouth – it’s not like he’s running for political office – he’s not running for political office is he?  Holy crap – this guy never loses – anything!  Oh well, we’ll cross that bridge at a later time.  In the meantime Timmy, keep Broncos Nation happy – pray away and take down the Patriots next Sunday!  Ramen!
As an endnote, I want to go on record as being the charter member of the Atheists for Tebow Fan Club.  Website and tithing details will soon follow 🙂
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11 Responses to Atheists for Tebow!

  1. Kristen D. says:

    Totally agree with this Sean! I was talking to a coworker about this today and had many of the same thoughts as you. I do wonder if he was Muslim or some other religion if the American people would be as tolerant of his expression of faith.

  2. Sean Asbury says:

    Kristen – what a great thought! Muslim Tebow! Don't think he'd have nearly the same fan base…although, if he converts and continues to win…I wouldn't have a problem with it lol!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Very interesting post. You know you and I differ in beliefs, but agree on one thing. I really don't think God plays a hand in professional sports. Even Tebow says that would be silly, because regardless of how many prayers may be "thrown up" by Bronco fans, the other team may pray just as much. I was watching the preview of Monday Night Football tonight, and Chris Carter (I think) said that he believes that Tebow uses his faith for endurance and staying positive, ESPECIALLY after throwing for like 3-18 in the 1st 3 qtrs. The dude doesn't get rattled. If that's what his faith does, more power to him…On a differing side note, my wife and I were actually talking about this while driving through the Okla City "Metropolis" tonight. She said that she read an atricle today from Fox news that brought up a good thought.. "If Tebow were a devout Muslim and he were praying to Mecca, and he recieved the same kind of criticism about THAT faith as he does now, all hell would break loose…" So why aren't more people ok with his Christian faith?? Just a This was longer than I expected. GO THUNDER!!! LOL

  4. Sean Asbury says:

    Thanks Jonathan! I've actually liked Tebow for years prior to his arrival in Denver. As much as I hate Florida football, I couldn't help but pull for him in college. I don't judge people by their faith – too many have shown they only put it out there for public display…but I can't help but feel he is genuinely a good person. If his faith is what gives him his strength and motivation, more power to him and I wish nothing but for his success.

  5. Sean Asbury says:

    This just in from Rick Pitino: "All you atheists out there, watch Tim Tebow and you'll believe. … You watch him out there, and he can't complete a pass. Then, Jesus comes out of the sky, and he's hitting everything." Jesus IS in the game! 😉

  6. Anonymous says:

    All he does is win…no matter what! Jesus Christ our lord and savior acts in mysterious ways! As a former muslim who couldn't believe what was happening with Tebow and the Broncos I finally saw the light and am now a fully-fledged evangelical talk-in-tongues Jesus hysteric!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Three weeks later … apparently God didn't care enough to help 'em win any of their last three games.They did make the playoffs though, as God smit (?) the Raiders, allowing the Broncos to back in.

  8. Sean Asbury says:

    Think it's fair to say my wife's soul-wager is very safe. God's will on my Broncos will be complete next weekend when the Steelers go to Denver and thoroughly embarrass my team 😦

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well Sean……Looks like it may not be safe after all lol.

  10. Anonymous says:

    We think alike. I have created a web site Take care, be well, and Go Broncos! Don't you wish some great player would come along who "came out" as a righteous heathen? Someday it will happen. Take care and be well.

  11. Sean Asbury says:

    Jesus Christ! AtheistsforTebow? Prepare to be sued! That's pending Registered Trademark!!! Jeesh! Unless you wanna split the profits…lol

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