A Guide to Choosing Your Facebook Deities

I was surfing Facebook yesterday and saw something in the corner of the Facebook page that kinda threw me.  One of my friends is a friend of Jesus (or maybe he’s just a fan, or “likes” Jesus).

To good to pass up, I wanted to get a better look at Jesus – especially since he has a profile pic and all…

Then I found a friend that “likes” God (I’m assuming the one and only since his name started with a capital letter)…But “God” isn’t as popular as Jesus – God only has about a million followers while his son checks in at over three million.  Still, it must be cool to have god talking to you every day in your Facebook news feed!

Now, I have a good many “godly” friends on Facebook – some of whom love to inform all of their friends nearly every day just how great god is for all sorts of mundane minutiae (pretty sure this was the genesis (no pun intended) of the “ignore” feature on Facebook).

It did get me thinking though – especially as I see “new” people to Facebook, that there should be a resource guide for choosing their deities.  

After checking out Jesus, I went looking for my own personal Jesus – no, not that one – I’m talking Buddy Jesus from Dogma!  Guess what?  He’s on Facebook!

I like BJ’s sense of humor, so I sent him a friend request.  

Then I came across Zombie Jesus, thanks to Great Minds on God, where I found this awesome video featuring Zombie Jesus and the Rapture. 

Sure enough, Zombie Jesus is on Facebook too!
Surprisingly, or maybe not, Zombie Jesus is killing Buddy Jesus in terms of fans.  Buddy Jesus only has a little over 200 friends while Zombie Jesus is singing to the tune of 25,000 plus!

I admit, I was a little loathe to “like” Zombie Jesus – hopefully Buddy Jesus accepts my friend request soon!

There are all kinds of ways to follow, like, or friend your chosen deity on Facebook.  Here’s a random sampling of different gods you can choose from:

Prophet Mohammad (Greatest Man in History – according to his Facebook Page)
Buddha (Multiple pages to choose from)
Even Lucifer has a Facebook Page (with about half the followers of Zombie Jesus)

Or if you’re inclined to think that following a god is on par with following Unicorns, don’t worry, there are plenty of pages out there for you too!  There are links for atheists, agnostics, and human secularists.

Or get away from it all together and choose to be free of all religion!  Have fun choosing!

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2 Responses to A Guide to Choosing Your Facebook Deities

  1. Sean Asbury says:

    I should have included Rock Me Sexy Jesus for my friend Rex who is serving his country in Afghanistan. RMSJ is also on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rock-Me-Sexy-Jesus/132515622499

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is there also a page for the Flying Spaghetti Monster or the Invisible Pink Unicorn? i haven't looked.

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