Anyone seen Krystal Ball?

When I read the story about Krystal Ball in the Post yesterday I thought I was in for a treat!  For those that may have overlooked this scintillating tale of journalism, apparently Krystal (yes, her real name – not a porn star as I had assumed…) had some lascivious pictures of her turn up whilst running for a Virginia congressional seat a couple years ago.

So being the inquisitive person I am, in the interest of chasing down the news, I googled for images of Ms. Ball, wondering just what I was in for!

Well – here it is:

Super exciting huh?

I admit, I was a bit disappointed.  There were some other pictures available with her making suggestive gestures with her mouth, but I digress.

Guy in the picture is her (now ex) husband.  It was obvious that this was a Christmas-themed costume party.  Ms. Ball was 22 years old at the time of this picture.

Fast forward to today.  Ball is now 29, her congressional run derailed by these terrible pictures, and she is now working for MSNBC.  Everything comes up roses!  That’s the upside.  The downside?  What a bunch of crap!

Ball was “outed” by some conservative blogs for her lewd and offensive behavior and led to her dropping out of a congressional race.  Politics aside, for the record I have no idea what issues Ball campaigned on, this is about as unseemly as it gets.

I mean come on, it’s not like she was banging her intern [looking at you Newt Gingrich] or having sex with a prostitute [looking your way David Vitter] or cruising for some Craigslist sex [that’s you Christopher Lee] or sexting pictures of her junk to men [that’s to you Anthony Weiner], this is a picture of a 22 year old, married woman, at a party, in a semi-suggestive picture with her husband

Thankfully I’m from a generation that came to age prior to the internet exploding and was slightly older when it came time to exercise decent judgment about where I was and who had a camera at the time.  Any incriminating pictures of me are likely lost on old 110 Kodak negatives that are long gone…

The idea that anyone – ANYONE – is out there that that has never done anything they wish they hadn’t done is preposterous!  We’ve all done stupid things in the past.  Heck, even Bill Clinton said he didn’t inhale – but a picture of him with a joint in his hand and a smile on his face would’ve been pretty incriminating.  What if pictures had surfaced of George W. snorting coke?  Just saying…

Why do why buy into this crap?  When you’re in office, or running for public office, decorum should apply.  What you did in college or slightly thereafter?  If that’s the qualification for politics – we may all get our wish as no one will ever be fit to run again for public office!
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One Response to Anyone seen Krystal Ball?

  1. NeoLogic says:

    I've always hated this side of politics. Nobody is interested in who can actually do the job, only who projects the "best" image. (with best being a constantly shifting standard) I couldn't give a single crap about who did what when they were 22.

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