Life on Mars Raises the Question

Reading an article in the Post this morning got me thinking. Scientists have discovered microfossils in Australian sandstone dating back some 3.4 billion years, which they hope will provide clues for Martian life. Of course in today’s environment, all science is political – Young Earthers will quaintly dismiss scientific evidence as contradictory to their beliefs.

So the question that I ask, and hope for a robust response to is this: for religious readers of this blog, what would it take for you to put aside your beliefs and see the world through a new light? It’s a pure hypothetical – I’m not suggesting a change in your religious views, just asking, what kind of evidence would you need to see that would prove, irrefutably, that whatever book you hold holy is false?

There is a reason for asking the question – despite the common view of atheists being Devil pawns and craving the taste of Christian baby flesh, nearly every atheist I’ve come to know is open to the possibility of a deity; however, in the absence of proof, refuses to buy into man-made superstition. So, faith aside, I’m curious to hear from the theist view – all things being equal – is there any possible conceivable evidence that would make you step back and reevaluate your faith?

Look forward to reading responses 🙂

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3 Responses to Life on Mars Raises the Question

  1. Sean -Great question. Here is my approach to my Catholicism – I am not sure why any Christian can't reconcile the possibilities of science and a Creator coexisting on this small little speck of dust we call home – I can't perceive why there are those who feel a belief in science is anathema to a belief in religion – it seems to me that both fitting together makes so much more sense. I have no problems reconciling Darwinistic evolution with the notion that a Creator (for myself, God), did use intelligent design that fits within the constructs of evolution. Or that the Earth really is billions of years old, no matter what the "literal" translation of the Bible says. It seems to me that there should be more than enough room on the planet for all of us to coexist with our own various beliefs and interpretations.Just sayin'…….

  2. Doug Siverly says:


    • Doug Siverly says:

      The part that’s interesting is Mars. The implications of independent life on TWO adjoining planets in ONE solar system is statistically profound. That would imply (statistically) life is abundant in the Universe. It also implies we aren’t the only “intelligent” life, and, quiet possibly not the MOST intelligent life. A humbling conclusion.

      It does not prove or disprove religious beliefs. It does, perhaps, give pause for some serious reflection, Probably also means “Chariots of the Gods?” will start flying off the shelf again…

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