Random Thoughts…

There is literally so much going on in the world that I’ve lost the ability to focus on a single issue long enough to write.  A smattering of what is jumping around in my little brain:

1.  Egypt – dominating the news, at least was…You can already tell most of America is suffering from too much Cairo fatigue – get it over with already!  Couple things worth opining on:

  • Egyptian Vice President Omar Soliman recently hinted that Egypt just isn’t ready for democracy.  He also threatened the protesters with something along the lines of: they need to knock it off or we might just have a coup.  I’m not sure I understand the twisted logic of that statement, but it would seem to me that if he stages a coup, that would mean that Mubarak would no longer be in power, which is what the protesters want, which wouldn’t incentivize them to knock it off…I know I’m confused…
  • With regard to democracy, I think what Soliman was really saying was:  You in the West are not ready for Egyptian [or Middle Eastern] democracy.  Remember when the Palestinian Authority held open and free elections – Hamas came to power.  We didn’t care for that much.  There’s a lot of hand wringing going on that if Mubarak goes, the Muslim Brotherhood will come to power, and when that happens, the whole thing is going to fall apart.  Maybe, maybe not.  It’s much easier to be in the opposition than it is to govern.  The US either needs to back democracy and support those who seek it, or stop acting like we give a hoot about human rights around the world.  Just saying…

A report just came across the al-Jazeera ticker that Mubarak is stepping down tonight.  For anyone that actually cares about news – al-Jazeera’s coverage of this crisis is hands down the best!

2. Christopher Lee (R-NY).  Wow, a republican congressman caught in sex scandal – feels like deja vu!  Unfortunately, I did some digging on Mr. Lee this morning and found out he was more of a Rockefeller Republican than a Religious Right conservative.  I admit, I was disappointed that I couldn’t relish the hypocrisy of yet another moralistic, holier than thou, let me push my god-agenda down your throat republican getting caught cheating on his wife – but then I looked at his voting record and found he voted with his party nearly all the time, so even though he wasn’t claiming to be perfect, he voted as though he was – so score!

3.  CPAC started today! It is indeed a joyous day!  Check out the agenda!  I can’t believe I have to work and can’t attend 😦 Oh to feed at the red meat trough with the likes of Glenn Beck and Michele Bachmann.  I’m going miss attending great forums and conversations centered on topics such as:

  • The Pro-Life Movement: Plans and Goals – Marshall Ballroom
    Anna Franzonello, Americans United for Life
    Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life
    Erin DeLullo, LifeandMarriage.org
    Moderator: Tim Goeglein, CitizenLink
  • The Importance of Faith & Religious Liberty in the US & Abroad – Jackson Room
    Sponsored by Muslims for America (2 hours)
    Marshall Breger, Catholic University Law Center; Dr. Jennifer Bryson, Witherspoon Institute;
    Muhamad Elibiary, Freedom & Justice Foundation; Deal Hudson, Catholic Advocate
    Mod: Suhail Khan, Conservative Inclusion Coalition
    Open to all CPAC attendees
  • Hon. Newt Gingrich with Callista Gingrich – Exhibit Hall A
    Book Signing – To Save America: Stopping Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine; Valley Forge:
    George Washington and the Crucible of Victory [that would be Mrs. Gingrich III, the one he cheated on Mrs. Gingrich II with]

Good times!  The part I’ll miss most is watching all the hooking up by the young college-student attendees in the after hours at the hookah bars. 

There are many other topics bouncing around, creationism still being taught in schools, reaffirmation of one nation under god, Lindsey Lohan in court, again.  This will just have to do for now…

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