If You Say It Often Enough…

Just a quick hitter.  We last looked at the myth of our “Judeo-Christian” foundings. Now Michele Bachmann, Republican (Tea Party) Congresswoman, Minnesota, is attempting to repackage the history of slavery, saying that our Founders were always against it. 

Bachmann is a scary woman – possibly more so than Sarah Palin!  She is charismatic, attractive, and unlike Sarah, articulate.  The problem is Bachmann makes up her own facts as she goes along.  She, and the media outlets that promote her, have a large following of Americans that will accept her “facts” at face value.  Her, along with her Fox partner Glenn Beck, are retelling the history of America to serve their narrow political purposes pandering to a base of Americans that are chomping at the bit to restore the government to a position that never existed.

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