Why are Democrats Morons?

OK, So I’m no rocket scientist, nor do I hold a Ph D. in Economics, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night – no wait, I dreamt I slept in a Holiday Inn Express, but I digress.

Why is it that Democrats are holding on to the magic number of $250,000 as representative of Rich in America? Oil and water seem to mix better than Republicans and Democrats, but God Damn Democrats are fucking stupid (and did I mention they can’t govern to save our lives, let alone theirs?).

Republicans’ argue that a tax restoration (actually they call it a tax increase or a tax hike – as though Democrats are proposing an increase in taxes – but that’s for later) will harm small business owners in America – while I’m certainly skeptical (goes along with being a Free Thinker), since job growth in America has been non-existent since the Bush Tax cuts went into effect, let’s just pretend, for sake of argument, that if we restore the tax rate to what it was in 2000 (you remember 2000? Budget surpluses and all that?) then we will stunt small business – which as we all know is what drives employment in America…hmmm, still dubious…

Anywho, it’s fairly obvious that there are just a couple things that will happen here. Democrats can hold firm to restoring the cuts for those earning under $250K and Republicans will do everything in their power to kill all legislation in the lame duck session, as well as whatever compromise could ever come out of the tax restoration debate.

Democrats will leave the House in droves in January with a bunch of government hating teabaggers taking their place. These guys, and gals, will do everything they can to screw America over the course of the next two years, and they will find a way to make sure the Bush Tax cuts are reenacted – which will mean we will need to borrow at least another $700 BILLION from China in order to give those who can most afford it another round of tax cuts.

I may be in the minority, but a family(especially with 3 kids in college) with annual earnings of $250K isn’t necessarily rich. Not poor, but really, not even upper-middle class (especially in the Washington DC area). I’m pretty sure (although not positive) that the majority of small business owners do not pay themselves in net earnings over $250K a year. Let’s set all that aside – why the Democrats just don’t round up and say that families (or individuals) reporting on their taxes a net annual earning of over $1 million will return to the pre-Bush Tax Cut tax rate. Everyone else in America, for now, will stay at the existing tax rate.

This may not do much to eliminate the debt, but Jesus F’ing Christ – seriously, if the economy is bad right now and you are reporting EARNINGS (not wealth and assets – but F’ing EARNINGS!) of $1 million a year – after deductions – then FUCK YOU – you deserve to have your tax rate restored – you’ve enjoyed a free ride courtesy of the United Fucking States of America (brought to you by China :).

But no! Democrats are to F’ing stupid to crack that code. Again, we are collectively screwed in this country – one one hand you have evil (yes, I said it evil) Republicans that have a plan – the plan is to screw the average American to make sure the real people they represent – corporate interests – get what they want). What makes them evil? They sell snake oil in terms of “anti-abortion,” “family values,” etc., “don’t burn my flag” – burn a fag instead which plays to the basest fears of Red America so they can accomplish their evil deeds.

Democrats on the other hand are dumber than I am Sam – great intentions, but lord help us – if you’re ever trapped in an elevator with a Democrat congressman, you probably have a better opportunity getting out of it by killing yourself than waiting for a Democrat to come up with a plan and actually executing it. I try not to use the “R” word anymore, because some people find it offensive, but the “R” word really applies to these morons…

I said I’d circle back on TAX RESTORATION – again, this is where Democrats shine on their special abilities – this is not a tax hike or a tax increase – this is a restoration of tax rates that we all paid 10 years ago. I remember when Bush cut taxes thinking why? We don’t need a tax cut – this is stupid. We (the people) then spent $15 million (or more) to let the government mail you a letter telling you that your $500 check would soon be mailed to you. Now if that didn’t make you sick then – well it should have!

I have no desire to give the government any more money than I currently give it – especially this government, because we can all be pretty confident that these fuckers will just find another way to spend it away rather than do anything positive with it. [Man I’ve dropped the F Bomb a lot in this post – just saying…] That said, at some point we are all going to have to pitch in and pay the pain necessary to eliminate this deficit before China decides the time has come to foreclose. I’d much rather it be sooner than later.

So in my rant, in case you missed it – The RICH are those with reported net earnings of $1 million a year – TAX away, shit, raise taxes on those assholes, but at a minimum, restore their tax rate to the 2000 level.

Republicans are evil – those that earn less than $75K a year that vote for them are sheep being led to slaughter 🙂

Democrats are FUCKING STUPID and, it goes without saying, incompetent.

Americans are pretty well screwed as long as we keep voting for these special needs elected officials.

We can accelerate our demise and just get it over with sooner by voting for Palin in 2012.

Good night and good luck 🙂

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