When Will Democrats act like Democrats and not Republican lite?

Great last episode of Real Time with Bill Maher this month.

People may not like Michael Moore (one of Bill’s panelists), but what he is saying here makes a lot of sense.

Ideologies should offer a clear distinction in direction.  Too often in American politics, we argue vociferously on the margins of the debate.  Take for example the debate regarding the expiring Bush Tax cuts – here we sit with over a trillion dollar deficit facing us – and that is just THIS YEAR – and we are arguing about the magic number of who is rich and who isn’t versus actually implementing actions to reduce the deficit.

Let’s just get real for a  moment – if the Obama Administration proposed that the Bush tax cuts should expire on those with earnings of more than $5 million, who in America would stand up and argue that it would hurt small business and lead to further job losses in America?

Why do we put a cap on Social Security earnings at a magic number (currently sitting at $108K)?  Why not remove the cap altogether and apply SS taxes on the several million dollar bonuses being handed out on Wall Street?

As Richard Dreyfuss said on CNN yesterday, “We have started to live in this Alice in Wonderland commonsenselessness.  We say things that are stupid!

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