Getting Started

How do you debut a Blog? 

As I type this, I have no followers and thousands of opinions, maybe that will flip in the coming months/years.

Hold The Center will focus primarily combating the Right Wings propensity to keep the political debate shifting ever rightward.  They’ve been so effective at this tactic, even when they are not in power, that I’m not sure where the left lies any longer.  As I attempt to explore this idea, my hypothesis is that today’s liberal left is actually the slightly right of center political thinkers of 30-40 years ago.  Is there such a thing as a “liberal base” any longer?  Probably not…

I also have long thought that the majority of Americans are centrists.  Maybe that’s a theme that is pounded during primary and general elections – the idea that candidates on both sides run to the left and right to secure their party nominations then must fight back to the center without alienating their political bases to win the general election.  If that is true, then the center is where most independents, left-of-center and right-of-center Americans reside, but who represents us?  Who is looking out for our best interests?

Stay tuned – you may not always agree with what I’ll be writing, but if you stop and think about it, even for a minute, then it will have been worth both our trouble 🙂

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